Cat Dale has worked in the film industry for over seven years.  Specializing in screenwriting,she has written five feature films, had three short films produced, directed several documentaries, worked in the graphics department for TLC original pilotCyberstalkers, & written and produced over fifty commercial videos forbrands such as Xsories, Kammok, Backcountry, Transamerica, Solarwinds, Rol Wheels, Sylvan Learning, and Novauri Bit Coin. Her photographic works have also been published in magazines such asCarbon Copy, Woodwork Magazine, and seen on CNN.com & the WildernessSociety’s Top 25 “We are Wild” photograph series.  

Raised in the remote mountains of Northern Idaho, she always stays close to her outdoor roots. Much of her inspiration comes from the beautiful landscapes of the RockyMountains and the characters who live in them.  She is currently based out of Denver, CO and teaches at the University of Colorado Film and Television department. 

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